For members of other IATSE locals wishing to apply as a
Sister Local Member can go to this information page.


Overhire (Permittee) Applications

Please follow these instructions
  • Download the permittee application form HERE
  • Open the form in a PDF reader and fill in the fields.
  • Save the file with 'Save As' using your name. Example: 'John_Smith_Permittee_Application.pdf'.
  • Email the completed form to

Applicants please note the following

Local 118 does not commit to referring (dispatching) applicants to work. Instead, in the event no members of I.A.T.S.E. are available for referral to employers, Local 118 dispatch may select any applicant for referral. As the selection is discretionary and subject to unpredictable employer requests, Local 118 does not acknowledge receipt of applications or offer estimates as to when applicants might be referred to employers.

There are no prerequisites for our general stagehand labour (AKA: “grip”) positions. If you would like to provide verification that you have additional competency please refer to the IATSE 118 Skills Verification Procedure for more information.

Skills Verification ProcedurePermittee FAQ | New Hires FAQ
Membership Requirements


You must fill out the Emergency Contact Form prior to starting work. Emergency Contact Form

Please keep your contact info up to date. Send any change of address, phone number, etc
to .


If you have been dispatched for work for the first time, you must fill out TD1 tax forms (both Federal and BC) prior to starting - please include your phone number in the top right corner of the TD1 forms. You can either scan these completed forms and email them to admin (at) or bring them with you to the job site and give them to your supervisor.

See the fillable BC & Federal TD 1 documents below


To set up Direct Deposit, please complete the following IATSE 118 form Direct Deposit form and provide either a VOID CHEQUE or ask your bank to print a direct deposit form.

Direct Deposit Request Form

Required either a VOID Cheque or Direct Deposit form from your financial institution.

Email the completed direct deposit form AND either a scan of your VOID Cheque or form from your bank to You will be notified once direct deposit has been set up.