1) IATSE118 call steward positions and profiles: (“CS”) is the software used to dispatch Local 118 (“local Union”) workers to jobs. Each job will have certain positions available for people to work. In order for a dispatcher to offer you a position or a “call”, your name must appear on that position list in CS. Dispatchers may not offer work to people not on the appropriate list, and may not alter the lists. Once added to a list, that position will be listed in your CS profile, and dispatchers may then offer you that work.

2) Requirement for proof of competency before being added to a position list:

By-Laws Section 6 requires that :


a) Members shall be referred to calls when their competency for such calls has
been verified.

b) Questions of competency for any work shall be determined by the Business Agent. A member may appeal any such determination to the Executive Board of the Local Union. This means that before a position in CS can be added to your profile you must provide proof of competency to the Local Union. In order to ensure fairness the members of the local have set rules as to what evidence you may use as proof.

Those rules, in order of priority, are:

a) If there is a valid reason on file as to why a worker is ineligible for a position, they will not have that position in their CS profile. Examples of valid reasons include but are not limited to; being fired for just cause, repeated tardiness, or
other comportment that is not appropriate for a Local Union Worker.

b) For a general working position, a worker need only be able to be ready to commence work at the called time, handle manual labour, behave professionally and follow directions of their supervisors. As such workers may be added to position lists such as “grip” or “loader” upon their request.

c) For any work requiring a certificate, a copy of that certificate shall be provided. Eg: LPEC, pyro ticket, LE/FE, Aerial platform operator, PAL, fork truck operator d) The remaining positions require skilled workers and proof of skill is required before being added to a CS position list. If the employer does not have their own process that is acceptable to the local, the local shall use its own process.

To ensure fairness, equity and accuracy, usually more than one piece of evidence is required for corroboration. The evidence must speak to real world competency - resumes, skills sheets and other ​ claims ​ of skill do not count as
evidence of competency.

3) Acceptable evidence of competency:

The Local Office is permitted to accept as evidence of competency any ​ one​ of the a-c below:

a) 3 letters deeming you competent for a position written by someone who is the relevant department head for that position, is verified for that position themselves or is authorized to speak to componency on behalf of an external

For example, if you wanted to be added to the “camera operator” position list, you could submit letters from an IATSE 118 Head of Video, an IATSE 118 camera operator, and an A/V rental company. These people would have the  experience to assess your actual skill level, and the authority to speak to the matter. Please note, it is important that they are “deeming you competent” in an actual position. If they are merely confirming you did the work, or offering a
personal reference, that does not speak to actual competency or skill.


b) 6 shifts on at least 3 different events in local 118 jurisdiction in the position or a comparable position.

i) Each calendar day worked on a setup, run or strike is a different shift.
ii) A setup and a strike on the same day is 2 shifts.
iii) HE at Venue A might be comparable to HE at venue B if they both use ETC ION, and the lighting systems are similar.


c) Proof of an equivalent external verification such as:

i) Successfully completing a process with a competent supervisor shadowing you and testing your skills in real world scenarios. The supervisor would have to furnish you with an email or a letter explaining the testing and deeming you competent.

IE volunteering to supervise hang, focus and strike, program levels and run one performance under the supervision of the Paid IATSE Head of department. The Head would have to affirm in writing that you demonstrated sufficient competence and describe the real world testing conditions for approval.

- OR -

ii) A letter from management (say the PNE representative) deeming you competent at specific skill at their workplace (say followspot). For a limited number of Civic positions, this includes meeting with a designated VCT department head to get oriented and/or verified.

- OR -

iii) A letter from another IATSE Local office, verifying competency in an equivalent position.

- OR -

iv) Something that the Business Agent deems to be equivalent to one of the above.
For example: ​ resolution of a Local 118 examining board or being referred to high rigger calls by the steelworkers union.

4) Submitting evidence :
Please submit your evidence to the Local Office for verification. You may email
it to​. You may post it to the the office or bring it into the office.

Our office information is:
206 – 2940 Main Street
Vancouver, BC, V5T 3G3

The Office Coordinators will ensure a copy of any verification they see is kept on file in the Local Office. This file is used as a backup to CS records.

Office Coordinators will review your evidence and Local office files for compliance with 1(a) above. If there is not a discretionary judgement call to make Office Coordinators may add you to a position list and/or amend your CS profile.

Office coordinators will refer any discretionary judgement calls the the Local 118 Business Agent, or an examining board delegated to by the Business Agent for determination.

At this time the only active examining board is for Wardrobe/Hair/Makeup/Costume work.

You may appeal the decision of a an Office Coordinator or Examining Board to the Business Agent.
You may appeal the Decisions of the Business Agent to the Executive Board.
You may appeal the Decision of the Executive Board to the Membership Meeting.