Sister Local Status 


As Members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, IATSE Local 118 offers work to Members of other IATSE Locals before we offer work to our overhire list. To be considered for stage work members of other IATSE locals must apply for Sister Local Status with IATSE Local 118.

  • To apply for Sister Local Status a Member of the Alliance must verify they are a member in good standing of their home local by provided IATSE Local 118 with a valid Letter of Good Standing or by presenting an active IATSE Road Card when applying. Letters of Good Standing must be renewed yearly. To get a letter of good standing please speak to your home Local. 
  • To apply for Sister Local Status, please email the below application and a current Letter of Good Standing to
  • To update your letter of good standing or your IATSE road card please stop by the office or email
  • Local 891 Members should also includes the  CEIRP certificate number