RRSP & health benefits transfer from other locals.

Transfer cards shall be dealt with in accordance with Article 19, Section 17 of the International Constitution and as described by Local 118 policy. [C&B 14.1]

Requesting a Transfer Card


Should a Member of IATSE Local 118 wish to request a transfer card to apply for admission to another IATSE Local, they should make such a request in writing to office@iatse118.com.

  • Per the International C&B, a transfer card is valid for 30 days once issued and must be deposited to the Local Union in which the Member wishes to transfer.
  • Local Unions shall have 60 days after the initial issuance of a transfer card to either accept or reject a request for transfer. 
  • Each IATSE Local enjoys local autonomy and as such, may have its own policies and procedures regarding transfer requests. IATSE Local 118 cannot provide information regarding other locals practices around transfers. It is suggested you speak to the Local you which to apply for transfer prior to submitted a request for a transfer card to IATSE Local 118.
  • If a Local Union rejects an applicant for transfer it shall return to that member the original transfer card. Within 90 days such Member is required to return the transfer card to IATSE Local 118. 


Submitting a Transfer Card


Members of the International Alliance who wish to make a request for transfer into IATSE Local 118 shall submit a Transfer Request Package to the IATSE Local 118 office. 

A Transfer Request package should include:

  • A valid transfer card that has been issued by your home local no more than 30 days prior to submission.
  • A Resume
  • A Cover Letter
  • A Letter of Good Standing or active Road Card 

Once your Transfer Request package has been received you will be contacted by the Business Agent of IATSE local 118 who may require additional information. The Executive Board of IATSE local 118 shall provide you with notification of acceptance or rejection of your transfer request in writing as required by the International Constitution.