FAQ: Information for applicants

Important information about working, skills, what you will be doing, how to get paid, and how to work towards becoming a member.

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If you are UNABLE to work your shift NOTIFY Dispatch immediately by text allowing as much notice as possible.  If you accept a shift then cancel without reasonable notice or fail to report to work your status will be adversely affected and in some cases, you may be deemed unfit to dispatch. IATSE local 118 permits are dispatched according to a graduated database that takes into account other IATSE sister local status, special in-demand skills like lighting or sound console op or high rigging experience, a permit’s work ethic, punctuality, and comportment are very important.

Respond to Dispatcher’s call or text as soon as possible. Shifts are filled quickly on a first response basis for permit workers. If you accept a shift, expect to work the duration. Often you may get the option of working longer.

All applications are forwarded to dispatch for review for potential call out. Dispatch will call or text the phone number provided on your application based on the skills you indicated on your application that match the job requirements. Keep your skills current and text Dispatch your availability on a weekly or bi‐weekly basis to ensure shifts are continued to be offered.

Fill out the Local 118 skills online form indicating all crafts and tasks you are qualified to perform. Provide copies of Industry-specific certificates and other skill qualifications.