The IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund is the result of a partnership between the IATSE and Signatory Employers. The IATSE Training Trust Fund facilitates training opportunities for IATSE workers to achieve and maintain the skills, ability, and knowledge necessary to meet the ever changing technologies in the entertainment and exhibition industries.


The IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund envisions a workforce with the highest level of training in skills, safety, and craftsmanship, available across the IATSE jurisdiction.


To promote industry-wide recognized standards for safety, skills, and craftsmanship in the entertainment and exhibition industries by:

  • Providing training that improves existing skills, develops new skills, embraces technological change, and focuses on the safest way to perform the work of the crafts

  • Supporting training opportunities to all employees working under the jurisdiction of the IATSE

  • Developing state-of-the-art training tools, resources, and methods


The IATSE Training Trust Fund was created to advance the skills and safety of IATSE workers. The IATSE Craft Advancement Program Committee (ICAP) was formed shortly after the IATSE 66th Quadrennial Convention to establish best practices in safety and skills training. Out of the work and foresight of this committee, the Training Trust Fund started to take shape.

On June 22, 2011, DADCO and I.A.T.S.E. signed the agreement to create the IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund, an ERISA and Taft Hartley Labor Management Training Fund. This date marks the birth of the IATSE Training Trust Fund. The TTF is a 501(c)(9) tax exempt organization.


Any individual who is an active IATSE member or is working under an IATSE agreement is eligible for TTF programs and is a beneficiary of the TTF. Some courses may have specific class pre-requisites which must be met for admission to the course.

The TTF is a joint labor management fund governed by the Department of Labor and ERISA which means that we have to abide by strict guidelines regarding who is eligible to participate in our programs and what kind of programs we can offer. It also means that we are required to ask individuals and locals to complete certain paperwork to satisfy those ERISA and DOL requirements.


Guide to Free Online Training

We’ve assembled a list of online training providers and programs that IATSE workers can access free of charge. We’ll be continuously updating this list to reflect available offerings from our partners and other organizations.



The IATSE TTF/AVIXA partnership includes Premium Member access to free, introductory, online AV courses and a 15% discount on most trainings, free global trade show access, and members-only events. REGISTER FOR AVIXA MEMBERSHIP THROUGH THE TTF



LinkedIn Learning is a self-guided learning platform with over 15,000 online courses on all types of topics and software. LinkedIn Learning is designed for all levels of learners with courses taught by recognized industry experts, and it’s available whenever you’re ready to learn. You can access it from your LinkedIn profile, and you can view courses from your mobile device with the LinkedIn Learning app. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION



The TTF Safety First! Online Courses © promote safe working conditions by providing information, tools, and resources to recognize potential hazards and minimize risks. Case studies from the various crafts are included, making the curriculum relevant across the IATSE workforce.

The 19 courses include: Introduction to Basic Entertainment Safety; Biological Hazards; Hazard Communication: Workplace Chemicals; Chemical Protection; Electrical Safety; Fall Prevention and Protection; Elevated Work Platforms & Aerial Lifts; Scaffold Safety; Ergonomics; Noise Exposure; Confined Space/Small Space Awareness; Firearms Safety; Hand and Portable Power Tools; Compressed Gases; Rigging Safety; Welding and Cutting; Hazard Identification and Safety in the Work Environment; COVID-19: Recommended Guidelines for Preventing Exposure in the Workplace; and Recommended Sanitation Practices for Make-up and Hair. DOWNLOAD INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION ↓


COVID-19: Recommended Guidelines for Preventing Exposure in the Workplace: This course provides workers with information and recommended practices to minimize the spread of COVID-19 upon returning to the workplace. This course also discusses potential administrative controls to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread in the work environment.

Recommended Sanitation Practices for Make-up and Hair: This course is intended to help artists and stylists learn how to implement sanitation best practices into their daily process to ensure the health and safety of themselves and the performers they work with. Artists and stylists will learn about common infectious agents often encountered in the workplace and how to properly sanitize, disinfect, and sterilize their tools, products, and specialty items while working in the trailer, background processing, on set, and in the theatre.



Be advised that some of the courses listed below may no longer be free.