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 to see these instructions again without having to re-register.

Most Sign In problems are due to the following:
  1. Password entered incorrectly. Initiation date in the wrong order.
Must be: day, month, year. No slashes, no spaces: (ddmmyyyy).
Your card probably has it as month, day, year .
2. User Name entered incorrectly.
Must be: first initial and last name. Lower case, no spaces.

You may need to "Refresh" or click the "Sign In" button again after entering your info correctly.

Here are the complete Sign In instructions again:
  1. Click the "Sign In" button. Use lower case only, and no spaces.
2. Your User Name is your first initial followed by your last name (msmith)
3. Your Password is your initiation date (ddmmyyyy). Day, month, year.
This date is on the back of your Membership Card. It may be in reverse order.
4. Example:
Melvin Smith was initiated on June 8th 1984.
He logs in using  msmith as his User Name and enters 08061984 as his Password.

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If you're still having trouble, send an email to: webmaster (at) iatse118.com (Note: Replace (at) with @)